Egor Bondarev | Escape Room Innovator

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About the Episode

This podcast with Egor Bondarev from Escape Room Fairfax & Bond’s Escape Room Arlington touches on getting people off their phones and active in the world (57:00), changing the world with your business (37:00) and more. Escape Room Fairfax is the largest escape room venue on the East coast, boasting 10 rooms built to test you and your friend’s minds. Check them out at!

About Room Escape

Room Escape Fairfax is a live-action experience featuring immersive and invigorating challenges. Our 11 unique and innovative escape rooms offer exciting puzzles for our guests to solve. Each escape room provides a different adventure, whether you choose to repair your spacecraft and escape from Venus, or solve the mysteries of a missing girl and her creepy horror room.

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