Dan Graziano | Mighty Meals Founder

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About the Episode

This podcast with Dan Graziano, cofounder of Mighty Meals, explores the importance of playing to your strengths when starting a business (12:00) from the man who’s bringing healthy meal-prep to his hometown of Northern Virginia and the surrounding DMV. Lance, Mezzy and Dan touch on the importance of putting the business first (35:00) and building relationships within a business (1:05:00). Check them out at eatmightymeals.com!

About Dan Graziano

Dan Graziano made the leap from a fitness professional to business owner after years of personal training/coaching. While working in the fitness industry, Dan met his MightyMeals co-founders at his local gym. While working as a personal trainer, Dan began cooking basic, healthy meals for his fitness clients to keep them on track with their health and fitness goals. His clients purchased meals on a weekly basis and soon afterward Dan enlisted the help of his MightyMeals co-founders, Alex and Stefano. Working towards the goal to make MightyMeals the best meal prep company in the country, Dan works hard to live a healthy, active lifestyle. He is proud that MightyMeals employs more than 20 people, helping the local economy while providing a fun, rewarding work environment.

Connect with Dan on LinkedIn and Instagram.

About MightyMeals

Founded in 2015 by two fitness professionals and a classically trained chef, MightyMeals believes high-quality, healthy food should be accessible to everyone. The Burke, Virginia company provides a convenient, healthy meal delivery service made with locally sourced ingredients by chefs, offering a wide array of meals on a menu that changes weekly. MightyMeals has more than 55 pick-up locations across the D.C. metro area. Our mission is to empower people to live healthier lives by being the leading provider of healthy, high-quality, locally sourced, chef-prepared meals that are delivered to you. Take the guesswork out of your nutrition so you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy.

Follow MightyMeals at @eatmightymeals for updates on new locations and tasting events.

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