Amir Mostafavi | SouthBlock Founder

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About the Episode

This podcast with SouthBlock’s Amir Mostafavi explains the importance of not beating yourself up (26:00), how to be a successful leader (39:00) and more. SouthBlock is a juicer with numerous locations in the DMV, focusing on health, wellness and giving back to the community through Fruitful Planet. Check them out at

About Amir Mostafavi

Amir is the founder of hit juice bar South Block and Fruitful Planet, a charitable movement focused on providing nutritional fruits and veggies to underserved parts of local communities. Follow him on his entrepreneurial journey @amirmost. 

About South Block

South Block represents the idea that small acts can have big impacts! South Block may appear to be an awesome juice bar on the outside… which we like to think we are… but the mission is to “Make People Feel Awesome!” We exist to have an impact on peoples day… their week… their month… their year… and perhaps even change lives.

This may sound ambitious… but we truly believe that small acts can have big impacts! We believe that people are awesome… and that we should celebrate all the good that we do as a community and the positive impact we can each have in this world! We are here to remind you how awesome you are… YOU ROCK!

About Fruitful Planet

Fruitful Planet spreads good vibes and brings fresh fruit and vegetables to those in need. We inspire people to Be Fruitful and change the world – one block at a time.

Fruitful Planet teams up with friends and partners who share the same passion for this important cause. By working with local farmers, local schools, and local non-profits, Fruitful Planet is helping to raise awareness, funds and product to help serve underserved communities.

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